Telluride Activities

There are a long list of Telluride activities, all of which you will find here in the Telluride activities guide. Telluride has long been known as a ski resort, so it is no surprise that skiing and snowboarding top the list of things to do here during winter months.  Telluride is great all year though, so keep moving down the list to find Telluride activities you may love and never knew we had!

Telluride Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Telluride draws rock climbers from all over, the new and the experienced. The San Juan Mountains offer a variety of rock climbing experiences, but climbing in the Telluride area is usually a traditional climbing experience.
Telluride Eco Tours
Eco Adventures
In the Mountain Village, of the Telluride area, exists Telluride Eco Adventures. While many adult activities are promoted through this organization, the kids programs are truly world-class.
Telluride Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
There was an ad in Western Horseman for years that restated the cowboy proverb, “The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.”
Telluride Stand Up Paddleboarding
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand up paddle boarding (SUP boarding) has become a favorite watersports activity in the last few years. SUP boarding has also made its way to the Telluride area.
Telluride Pilates
Telluride area people know that core strength is at the center of mountain living. It takes muscle to ski powder, rock climb, mountain bike, hike, carry kids around and participate in the other exciting activities.
Swimming Telluride
Swimming in Telluride
Though it’s impossible to deny that Telluride has a short summer, or that temperatures are considerably cooler with low humidity, swimming in Telluride is still a popular activity.
Telluride Disc Golf
Disc Golf
There’s a golf course in the Telluride area that some may not know about—The Double Cabin Disc Golf Course- a Frisbee golf course. Located in the Mountain Village, the course is just a free gondola ride from Telluride.
Mountain Biking Telluride
Mountain Biking
Telluride is a mountain biker’s dream. All levels of mountain bikers, from beginners to the experienced, will find their bliss riding the Telluride trails. You’ll find dozens of trails in the town of Telluride alone.
trout fishing telluride
Trout Fishing
With the San Miguel River, Delores River, Uncompaghre River, and Gunnison River, anglers can take their pick for where to wade in or float to catch rainbow, brown, cut-throat, and brook trout.
road biking telluride
Road Biking Telluride
Road biking Telluride is on the rise. according Travis Young, owner and operator of Box Canyon Bicycles in Telluride.Young also says that he’s seen the interest and participation in road bike events boom.
telluride off road
4×4 Off-Roadings
You don’t necessarily need a jeep to go over some of the mountain passes, though many call it “off-roading”. Pack water, a camera, and fasten your seatbelt.
Telluride Yoga Festival
Yoga is a big part of the Telluride culture, and you’re likely to find a variety of styles that fit your mood or current practice. For a small town, the yoga community is rather large.
Ice Climbing Telluride
Ice Climbing
From all over the world they come to Telluride, Colorado. They come with axes, helmets, harnesses, and crampons. They come in search of some of the most beautiful alpine scenery that does exist.
Gliding Telluride
Gliding Telluride
Gliding Telluride is the “ultimate flying experience,” and many who have gone up with Glider Bob will agree. Gliding Telluride shows people some of the most incredible terrain in the country.
Telluride Hiking
Telluride Hiking is an experience of its own, and one that can be done almost any time of year. Year round, you’ll find people out and about on Telluride trails.
Telluride Spa Experiences
Spa Experiences
One of the best winter activities in Telluride, Colorado is taking advantage of the world-class spa experiences. There is no shortage of incredible spa and healing treatments, as well as gifted body workers.
Backcountry Ski Huts
Backcountry Ski Huts
In the San Juans, the hut trip adventure is one that especially intermediate skiers can enjoy. A hut system has been designed, with five huts existing between Telluride, Ridgway, and Ouray.
Telluride Helicopter Skiing
Helicopter Skiing
Helitrax, based out of Telluride, prides itself in being Colorado’s most experienced helicopter skiing and snowboarding operation. Helitrax offers 6 guided runs in a day.
Snowbiking Telluride
Snowbiking can be a super fun adventure in the Telluride Mountains that offers an alternative to going downhill on skis or a snowboard…..or even a snowskate.
Sledding Telluride
Sledding in Telluride is not the most popular sport, but it may very well be the most affordable. Yes, Telluride is a mountain town with one of the best ski resorts in the country.
snowmobiling telluride
Snowmobiling in Telluride. It’s a favorite among the tourists in the winter season. Guided tours are available for individuals and small groups. Several companies rent snowmobiles and offer adventure experiences.
Snowskating Telluride
Snowskating is not a new winter mountain sport, but it is relatively new to Telluride. That’s because not many people are participating. Yet, the snowskating community is growing.
telluride ice skating
Ice Skating
Both ice skating and ice hockey are a big part of the winter culture in Telluride. From graceful turns to the aggressive chase for the puck, Telluride gives locals and tourists the opportunity to get out on the ice.
Telluride Nordic Skiing
Nordic Skiing
Nordic skiing and skate skiing are other ways of skiing, and perfect for the tranquility of a Telluride winter. Take advantage of the beautiful Telluride conditions, and do so at a fraction of the cost.
Snowshoeing Telluride
If you’ve never tried snowshoeing Telluride, you should consider. It’s kind of like hiking in the snow. Only, you wear snowshoes, use poles, and other gear.
Telluride Ski Resort
Ski Telluride
World class. Unmatched. Extreme. One of the most beautiful places on the Earth. This is how many describe the Telluride Ski Resort. The weather is ideal for skiers and snowboarders alike.