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Disc Golf

There’s a golf course in the Telluride area that some may not know about—The Double Cabin Disc Golf Course- a Frisbee golf course. Established in 2005, locals and visitors can head to the greens on Double Cabins and work on getting a hole in one- but without lugging the clubs around. No previous Frisbee golf experience is necessary. Located in the Mountain Village, the course is just a free gondola ride from Telluride. From the Village Core, players can take the second gondola that leads to the Interceptor parking lot.

The course is 18 holes in length and starts across from the Town Hall Plaza, in the same place the Mountain Village Market exists. Twelve of the holes are under 300 feet on this course, while six of them are either between 300 to 400 feet or even greater. Each hole is a par 3. Here at Double Cabins, disc golf fans can enjoy throwing the Frisbee at 9,545 feet elevation and experience the views of the Wilsons and Sunshine Peak. Players can view the ski runs in the summer season.

For those that have never tried disc golf, the object is similar to traditional golf, though participants need only their Frisbee. The point is to follow the course, throw the disc, and aim for the wire basket. Like golf, one hopes to have as few throws as possible for each “hole”. The person with the fewest throws wins. And, a “hole” in one is entirely possible and does happen.

Frisbee golfers will enjoy the terrain in the Mountain Village and can consider the experience a hike, though an easy to moderate one. Water and sunblock are always recommended on any disc golf course, especially at high altitude. Comfortable shoes or those with ankle support can be helpful. All ages are welcomed to participate in this growing sport. Hand-eye coordination, taking turns, and scorekeeping is all skills that can be practiced. The Mountain Village course is open daily in the summer from 7 a.m. to sunset.

Players are asked to pick up their trash, avoid alcohol consumption on the course, and to respect the neighboring homeowners who made the course possible. Disc golfers should also wait for the person ahead of them to complete their current hole before beginning. Like traditional golf, the rules of respect are still practiced. Frisbees can be purchased at both Telluride Sports and Boot Doctors in the Mountain Village. Rental equipment is also sourced through the Telluride Ski and Golf Club.

Disc golf, while avidly played in places in the South and Midwest, is gaining popularity in mountain communities out West like Telluride. Some players talk of sponsorships and televised tournaments in the future as the sport continues to grow. In the meantime, beginners or serious Frisbee golf players can step up the tee at Double Cabins and try their hands at some of the most majestic holes in the United States. There are all different kinds of ways to play in Telluride, and disc golf is just another.


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