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Eco Adventures

For anyone who loves the outdoors, Telluride is like a fantasy land. For children, dreams also come true. Telluride has a variety of activities for children to participate in all year long, from swimming and skating to skiing and ice-skating. If a child has even a small love of the outdoors, Telluride is a place to nurture that.

At the same time, children can participate in outdoor activities with the support of other adults, while giving parents free time to have their own adventures. In the Mountain Village, of the Telluride area, exists Telluride Eco Adventures. While many adult activities are promoted through this organization, the kid’s programs are truly world-class.

The headquarters are located next to the Fairmont Franz Klammer Lodge in the heart of the Village Core. Here, children can experience just about any outdoor possibility that they might desire. With a kids’ camp that runs Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Telluride Eco Adventures offers children ages 5 to 12 the opportunity to get out and explore in nature.

Adventures are different every day and offer kids activities to build confidence and cultivate their love for the outdoors. Kids have mushroom hunts, embark on easy to mild hikes, and play games in and around the river. For more experienced outdoor enthusiasts ages 8 to 14, there is the EcoX camp. In this program, children can try more difficult adventures such as slacklining, canyoneering, bouldering, mountaineering, and hiking more challenging terrain.

Parents are responsible for sunscreen, proper gear, appropriate footwear, lunch, water and snacks for all day programs. For children under 4, Telluride Eco Adventures offers parents a nursery, where little ones can come play, work on projects, and also experience nature, as weather permits.

Telluride Eco Adventures does at certain times offer overnight trips with kids. Children can experience the wilderness overnight, with meals cooked in true camper’s fashion. During the winter, Telluride Eco Adventures celebrates kids happy hour. Staff arranges to pick up children from ski school, and kids head over to the Eco Adventures site for snacks, hot chocolate, and games. Of course, Telluride Eco Adventures prides itself in having a knowledgeable staff, one that is CPR certified and that loves children. In addition, a gear shop is on site selling trusted brands for shoppers.

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