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Gliding Telluride

Gliding Telluride is an unbelievable experience everyone who visits must enjoy.  It should be on your bucket list. Glider Bob is a Telluride local. His real name is Bob Saunders, but nobody calls him that. They call him Glider Bob. You might have seen his name in the paper for an issue regarding Town Council- He’s a member. You might also have seen him in the Telluride Fourth of July Parade. Each year, he proudly paints his shaved head and rides his motorcycle down Colorado Avenue with the rest of the bikers celebrating our nation’s holiday. But, he’s Glider Bob for a reason: He’s the owner of a Stemme motor glider, and his business is taking locals and tourists up and over the Telluride area and giving them the experience to remember.

Gliding Telluride is the “ultimate flying experience”, and many who have gone up with him will agree. Glider Bob is showing people some of the most incredible terrains in the country, while peacefully riding the thermals in the air. For those who don’t know, these planes don’t depend on an engine, but on the action of the air against its lifting surfaces. It’s basically free-flying, though most glider planes do have an engine for when one is needed. Glider Bob began flying glider planes in 1997, and since then has been sharing them with the public, having made it his business. He offers rides to the public, at 30-minute and hour-long increments. The 30-minute ride is priced at $130, and the hour-long is just an additional $50- set at $180.

Bob flies in and out of the Telluride Airport off of Last Dollar Road. It’s the highest commercial airport in the country and just ten minutes from the Town of Telluride. It’s easy to find, and any local shuttle company, including Mountain Limo, can drive you up there. If you’ve never flown in or out of the Telluride airport, it’s an experience itself. Enhance that with a private trip in one of Glider Bob’s planes that dedicated just to see the beautiful San Juan Mountains and the Telluride canyon, and it’s enough to make some people cry.

Glider Bob flies in all four seasons, though his work does depend on the weather. You’ll see him over Chair 9 some days on a bluebird winter afternoon giving someone a view of the Telluride Ski Resort. He’ll fly in the fall during the heaven of Indian Summer. And, you can absolutely book spring and summer rides too. Calling a day or two in advance is recommended, while Bob keeps an eye on the weather to make the most of a gliding experience. In addition to the short adventure trips for experiencing the glider plane, he also offers training in flying the gliders and gives advice for purchasing options. He’s a dealer that sells both new and used glider planes and can act as researcher and broker to meet one’s needs.

To schedule your glider ride, call Glider Bob at 970-708-0862. Or, see his website at And remember that Glider Bob can give you yet another way to see Telluride.




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