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Telluride Horror Show

“Don’t be scared to come. It’s actually a real treat”.

As if the town of Telluride, with its small population of just 2000 people, didn’t have enough festivals already, and even film festivals at that, but The Telluride Horror Show Film Festival is another one you can put on the calendar. And honestly, can a place as majestic as Telluride really have too many festivals? Can there be too much celebration in the beautiful box canyon? Is there any reason not to have a party and festivities and movies and music and entertainment? Nah.

So welcome to another show- not just any show. MovieMaker Magazine calls the Telluride Horror Show Festival one of the 20 coolest film festivals in existence. For three days in October, the recently new Horror Show Film Festival celebrates the macabre in the stunning, but daunting, backdrop of the Telluride mountains. With venues like the historic Sheridan Opera House (Isn’t this allegedly haunted?) and the Nugget Theater, fans of this genre get to immerse themselves in horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. And both theaters are just a block away from each other in distance. Telluride Horror Show boasts more than twenty feature length films and over thirty shorts. On top of that, like other film festivals, this one brings in special guests, hosts exciting events, and then offers special programs.

Filmmakers, experienced and amateur, are welcome to submit their horror movies to the festival for review. Online submission forms are available with a meager entry fee. Tickets to the festival are just $72 with an average of only $6 per program. This includes admission to the opening event and meeting the visiting filmmakers. The whole thing is quite a deal for the folks who love the thrill of horror.

So the weather can be the scary part of Telluride Horror Show Film Festival. October means fall is in full swing. We’re talking sunny afternoons with aspen leaves blowing from the bare limbs of trees to possible rain storms in the frigid evenings and temperatures dropping likely below 32 F. Plan for a little frost out on the pumpkin. And, camping is not recommended. Talk about a flirting with horror. Luckily, accommodations this time of year are more affordable in Telluride due to the off-season. Alpine Lodging is the rental company of choice for Telluride Horror Show, and using Alpine to book your festival room will save you 15%. Gondola transportation may likely be out of service, though the town itself is walkable, bikeable, and has free bus service. Getting around is not a problem.

Flying directly into Telluride might even be possible for those on a budget. Off-season offers price-reduced flights right into the canyon, though flying into Montrose, Grand Junction, and even Durango are all fine, but require shuttle service or rental car. Due to the off-season, some restaurants may not be open or have shortened hours. La Cocina de Luz and Brown Dog Pizza are two that stay open year-round. Both have gluten free and vegetarian options.

Like most Telluride festivals, the Horror Show Festival accepts applications for volunteer positions beginning the summer season. 

The Telluride Horror Show…..taking fright to new heights.

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