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Jud Wiebe Trail

It’s a town hike. It’s a quick hike. It’s the best hike in Telluride — It’s the Jud Wiebe Trail.

Many people just call it “The Wiebe,” and if you’re up for it, walk up Aspen Street, north. This alone will probably get your blood pumping, but don’t stop there. The Weibe is something see and experience.

You’ll walk onto a gravel road and there see a sign for the trailhead. Next, you’ll cross a bridge over a creek to begin your official ascent.

Take your time. Take your water. If you’re not used to the altitude, the steeps on this hike might seem a little intense. Just make sure to pace yourself, breathe deeply and notice your surroundings. After all, you’re in a forest of aspen trees.

In the spring and summer, these “quakies” are luminous in the mountain breezes. In the fall, their changing colors to yellows and golds will take your breath away.

You’re sure to see a few joggers. Yes, Telluride people actually trail run on the Jud Wiebe. You’ll also see dogs, and occasionally a mountain biker.

Even so, the Wiebe is rather quiet.

You’ll see a turnoff for Mill Creek and some other trails, but always stay right as you’re hiking up from this direction. Right will lead you right up to the top of the Jud Wiebe trail.

Little vistas along the way provide for some amazing views. Rest assured, the best is at the top.

Steady yourself for the switchbacks. You’ll be asking yourself after a few if you’ll ever reach the summit of the trail, but once it opens up, you’ll know you’re right there.

It’s like something from The Sound of Music, the high alpine grasses and wildflowers. With clear views of Ajax Peak, Bear Creek and the red rocks at the back of the Telluride canyon, you’ll want to take a break on the bench that sits up top. Here, you can snack, snap a few photos and gaze over all of Telluride.

In fact, you cannot only see all of town, but the ski runs on “the dark side” of the mountain, including Chair 9, Chair 7 and the Green Gondola.

You can also see the mesas to the east, with a sweeping view of the “Down Valley” terrain.

The top of Jud Wiebe affords one of the most picturesque views Telluride offers, and the reward from the hike up is well worth the effort.

And, like most hikes, the descent is much quicker, and, here, you have two options.

You can hike down the way you came up, or follow the trail in the opposite direction.

The latter is preferred due to the changes in landscape. More aspens, open meadows, creek crossings and wildflowers await.

You’ll find yourself on a road near the end, and here again, always stay right. Right will take you right to Tomboy Road, and again down to the heart of town.

Tomboy Road is rocky, so watch your step, and also watch for four-wheel drive vehicles that might be venturing up to Imogene Pass.

At the end, you’ll find yourself on Oak Street just off of Colorado Avenue.

In all, some can do the Jud Wiebe Trail in an hour. Most do it in 2-3.

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