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Mountain Biking

Telluride is a mountain biker’s dream. All levels of mountain bikers, from beginners to the experienced, will find their bliss riding the Telluride trails. There are so many opportunities to accommodate the different experiences that mountain bikers desire. You’ll find dozens of trails in the town of Telluride alone. When the ski season ends, the mountain biking fun begins.

One of the most basic rides is the Telluride Valley Floor. Located just west of town, the Valley Floor offers rolling hills in the meadow where the prairie dogs, elk, and other wildfire reside. You can easily access this adventure from the bike path that parallels the main road. From here, you can jump on some of the steeper climbs like Boomerang Trail that lead up to the Mountain Village. These are local favorites.

From the same route, those with a greater lung capacity and the red blood cell count to support a big climb can take the Mill Creek trail. The ride up will be a challenge, but the downhill is smooth sailing over the north side of the Telluride canyon with stunning views of down valley and the peaks. This will connect with the Judd Weibe trail, so be careful of hikers and pets, though those you meet are generally accommodating. Mountain Village boasts the bike park— a downhill biker’s paradise. Here you’ll find 1,000 feet of vertical drops, jumps, and more. There are no easy trails here. All are expert terrain, so watch out for rocks, trees, and cliffs. Waivers are required.

But, the Village encompasses a variety of other trails for varying abilities. You can arrive via gondola transportation and find yourself in the rolling hills of the Village Trail, or really go for it up in the Prospect Trail. Another nice challenge is the Tomboy road that starts at Oak Street. You can pedal all of the ways to the old town of Tomboy and even summit Imogene Pass if you’re so inclined.

Local Melanie Hall says, “I love the diversity of the mountain biking trails in Telluride.  You can choose from a lung/leg-burning hill climb on the ski mountain to a quick, rolling, single track above the town, or go with a gentle, meandering ride on the Galloping Goose.  Each trail gives you amazing views, fun terrain and a guaranteed good time for any bike enthusiast”.

She also says, “There are many reasons I love biking here. It’s challenging. There is so much beauty. And, I love riding through the aspens and encountering wildlife. And, usually, the trails are empty“.

You won’t have difficulty finding a place to rent or to service mountain bikes in Telluride. Telluride Sports, Boot Doctors, Easy Rider, and Box Canyon Bicycles are all dealers that rent and sell. All have a full-service shop.

“There’s nothing like finding your freedom and breathing in the clean air on a mountain bike”, says Hall.

She also reminds beginners of some of the important points: “Full-suspension bikes are highly recommended—And helmets and proper clothing are a must”.

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