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Road Biking Telluride

“Road biking Telluride is on the rise”, according to Travis Young. He should know. He’s the owner and operator of Box Canyon Bicycles in Telluride.

Box Canyon Bicycles is a bike shop that services bikes of all sorts, but also sells and rents them as well. Located just off Colorado Avenue, it’s a favorite of locals and visitors who find it.

Young, who is a bike expert and treasured resource in the Telluride community, loves road biking in the San Juans: “The roads are fantastic for road riding. There isn’t a lot of shoulders, so you can make some people uncomfortable, but most of the people that drive here are aware of cyclists,” And, he emphasizes that “The roads around here are world-class.” Young knows where to go in the Telluride area too. He says, “The most utilized road for riding is between here and Rico. Or Lizard Head Pass at least. I think most people use Lizard Head as a destination.” Young says this road is a top pick among road bikers because “It’s on the difficult side to ride up there because of the altitude involved. It’s definitely not flat”.

He stresses other great rides that the Telluride area offers: “like Red Mountain Pass. It’s one of the best road rides ever”. Young says that he and others who love being on road bikes share the same feeling, “You can travel a great distance on a road bike, compared to any other form of transportation where you’re carrying yourself. You can carry a lot of miles on a road bike fairly quickly. When you’re doing it, you can let your mind go away. You don’t have to worry about obstacles, like on the trail. It’s just about continuing down the road.” And, the owner of Box Canyon Bicycles also notes that “Speed is fun”.

Renting road bikes is easy in Telluride, and Young is available to assist those who are interested. He says, “You can rent a road bike here at Box Canyon Bicycles for $50 a day”. It’s important to note, though, that riders need their own clothes and a helmet. Young reports that many out-of-towners tend to rent road bikes from him as well as “other people who are mountain bikers and are looking into the road aspect of the sport”.

And, he’s also a dealer with the knowledge and experience to help shoppers find the road bike that will suit their needs and fit their wallet. Young states that folks can purchase a road bike anywhere from $700 – $800 bucks. At this price, he says, “you can get a solid, entry-level bike”. And, “From there, they sky is the limit”. Young also says that he’s seen the interest and participation in road bike events boom. He points out that the Mountains to the Desert ride is definitely growing. “People have been coming specifically to ride that”, he tells.






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