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Snow biking Telluride can be a super fun adventure in the Telluride Mountains that offers an alternative to going downhill on skis or a snowboard or even a snow skate. You can still get the thrill of cruising down a slope in the San Juans, you’re just approaching it with different equipment. And when you’re on adventure vacation like people experience in Telluride, why not try something new and different!

It’s actually similar to mountain biking in some ways, but you’re on snow, and the bike is built differently. You’ll find skis or boards where the tires should be. And, you won’t see pedals. There is no need to create propulsion. You ride a chairlift up like other alpinists but simply ride the snow bike down. The handlebars steer the front ski, so it is actually like riding a bike in many ways. But, you have footboards underneath your boots to help glide over the powder.

Instructors and rental companies in Telluride say that learning to ride a snowbike is actually easier than learning to ski or snowboard. Successful results are achieved more quickly, and the fun can begin much sooner. Anyone who has not previously ridden a snowbike is required to take a short instructional course. It’s relatively inexpensive, at less than a hundred dollars out of most outdoor sports companies. And, the lesson is usually a few hours long and led by an expert. Participants will receive a card and certification upon completion of the short training. And, the real fun begins. Also included is the rental of the snowbike for that particular day of training. For those who’ve already completed theirs, rentals are less than $50 thereafter.

Experienced snowbikers say it’s relatively easy. You keep the arms straight and keep the knees together. From there you stay balanced going downhill and then proceed to start carving. When turning, they recommend taking the ear to the shoulder. This helps the whole the body to suggest the turn and really lean into movement. And, there are more complicated ways of turning, of course, and those tricks that the experts will do. Yes, you will see snowbikers in the terrain park.

But control is important. It may be a bit easier to learn than skiing, but there is still risk involved. Snowbikers should always wear a helmet, goggles, and other appropriate gear. And, they should practice snowbiking in control- This means controlling their speed, which is necessary for their own safety, as well as others on the mountain having their own experiences.

Snowbikes vary in price according to size and model. While a kids’ snowbike usually costs on upward from $500, an adult-sized snowbike with the ultimate suspension can cost around $3,000.

When planning to snowbike Teluride, see Telluride Sports, Boot Doctors, Telluride Eco-Adventures, or Jagged Edge for details on the lessons for, rentals, or purchasing of snowbikes.

Most importantly, for all of those mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts, the fun does not have to stop when the powder arrives. The snowbike allows biking to continue year round in a place like Telluride.



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