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Snowmobiling Telluride. It’s a favorite among the tourists in the winter season. Guided tours are available for individuals and small groups. Several Telluride companies rent snowmobiles and offer the adventure experience.

And, among the Telluride locals, it can be a way of life. That’s right. For some of the mesa-dwellers or others that live way down in Ames or other places, plowing becomes either too much of a hassle in the deep of the season or the service is not provided by the county in some parts. That means some people rely on snowmobiling to get from the road up to the main house, and vice-versa. It might sound like a lot of work, but if you’re used to it, it’s not really too big of a deal and even if you’re not used to it, it can be super fun.

In all cases, the proper gear is required. Snowmobile helmets- not ski helmets- are necessary. A company offering guided tours can provide these for you. Eye protection is strongly advised. Goggles can help cut the wind and the flying snowflakes and make visibility much more clear. Sunglasses are helpful but don’t always do the trick, and in the altitude, and with a higher UV index, shaded lenses are really the smart way to go. Sunscreen on the face, as well as lip protection, are a must. Winter sunburns are the worst and limit the fun to be had on a vacation such as this. Baselayer in the form of wool or synthetic materials is the start to a solid warm outfit. Remember to avoid cotton, as it does not wick moisture away. Once it’s wet, it’s wet. Other than that, traditional ski dress is appropriate: waterproof pants that are insulated, unless it’s a warmer day and only a shell pant is needed. Down vests or coats are suggested for the top layers, for super warm insulation, and a mid-layer is always helpful (fleece). Insulated gloves and thick wool socks are necessary for the extremities. Snow boots of some sort that is waterproof and insulated are best for snowmobiling.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when snowmobiling Telluride. Snowmobile drivers should be at least 16 years of age and have a current driver’s license. Passengers on guided tours must be at least 6 years old. On a snowmobile tour, typically just two people sit aboard a single snowmobile. Guided tours of Telluride are plentiful. You’ll find backcountry tours available and tours to Dunton hot springs just south of Telluride off of Highway 145. There are also great opportunities for snowmobiling in the Beaver Park areas and also off of Fall Creek Road, just south of Telluride down the valley.

Companies offering tours in Telluride include Telluride Outside and Telluride Snowmobile Adventures. Both companies offer a variety of experiences, from beginner to expert. Lengths of trips and types of terrain vary. And today, these companies boast using the latest in snowmobiling machinery- the most powerful, quietest, and cleanest equipment that exists. When the legs are tired of all that powder on the mountain, and you need a break, but don’t want to stay indoors, know that snowmobiling offers another type of adventure in the San Juans. Snowmobiling- It’s another way to see Telluride.


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