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Horseback Riding

Telluride Horseback riding is like no other experience on earth.

There was an ad in Western Horseman for years that restated the cowboy proverb, “The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse”. A Telluride are tradition for three decades, Roudy Roudebush has been helping folks feel better and connect with their inner cowboy by experiencing nature through horses.

Roudy is the cowboy of the area, a local celebrity and famous for his horseback adventures. His business is Telluride Horseback Adventures, and it offers over 30 miles of private trails. In summer and winter, Roudy rides every single day, except for Sunday. He does offer carriage rides daily all year round. Located up on Greyhead, riders will experience stunning views of the Wilson range at his place.

In the summer, morning rides leave the barn at 10 a.m. and last two hours. Afternoon rides depart at 1 p.m. and last an hour. Private rides are also available upon request and there are also custom pack trips and day rides that are overnight or even up to a week long. Carriage rides are also an option and are pulled by Roudy’s Belgian draft horses.

This same experience is exquisitely magical in the winter, as Roudy also offers sleigh rides that are something out of a Norman Rockwell scene— with views and scenery that put postcards to shame. And his trail rides through the snow are another special treat and a true Colorado cowboy experience. Roudy does also cater private parties upon request. He has a sense of humor and a lifetime of knowledge. Come ready to laugh, or at least learn something. Roudy is clear about what clothing essentials are required for his guided horseback adventures. You can’t roll in like a city slicker, though heeled cowboy boots and 10-gallon hat aren’t necessary.

He believes the proper clothing can make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable. He recommends long pants all year round, even in the summer as shorts are not suitable. He says “don’t even consider riding in shorts.” Boots are the best option, but a sturdy walking shoe would suffice in the stirrups. Jackets are always suggested as Telluride can be cool any time of the year, not just winter. Roudy does provide rain slickers for the random showers that occur. The hands can get cold holding the reins in the winter, so gloves are a nice item to have. Sunglasses are not only for summer but according to Roudy, a must for the winter. The snow can be blinding in the intensity of the high-altitude rays.

Sunscreen is also necessary year-round, and hats are helpful regardless of the weather or season. Roudy also says to remember the camera. Nobody would want to forget the majesty of the views and the feeling that arises when sitting horseback on one of his backcountry trails. He and his crew will fix you up and turn you loose, reminding you again why you love Telluride.

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