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Telluride Medical Center

In the old days, medical care was often given at the local saloon in Telluride. Things have obviously changed over the years. The old hospital, now the Telluride Historical Museum, was established during the mining days in 1896 at the top of Fir Street. There, you can still view the artifacts and history of medical care in Telluride mountains.

While you won’t find a hospital anymore in the box canyon, the Telluride Medical Center is available offering two options for patients: It’s a 24-hour level-5 trauma facility with an emergency room as well as a comprehensive patient care clinic. With a mission to “provide high-quality health care to all residents and visitors [in the] region”, Telluride folks and those that come to vacation are happy that the medical center still in existence. Located on Pacific and Davis Streets at 500 W. Pacific and just minutes from the free gondola, the clinic is easily accessible.

Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Appointments are required, except for entrance into the emergency room which is available around the clock. With the nearest facility in emergent care in Montrose, Colorado, 65 miles away, the Telluride ER is advantageous for this region. Offering three medical providers (MDs), three other clinicians (physician’s assistants (PA) or nurse practitioners (NP) as well as registered nurses and medical assistants on site, TMC is staffed for the range of health care issues that arise in the community.

This is an addition to the emergency room doctors who are on call nightly. Additionally, visiting specialists in obstetrics, urology and orthopedic care also see patients at TMC on a regular basis. Radiology, ultrasound, prescription medicines and lab services are all available through the Telluride Medical Center. For those that come down with a nasty case of the flu, those that break an arm on a snowboarding trip and others who come in for annual screenings and preventative care, visitors and locals can visit TMC with confidence in their treatment. With the Telluride Medical Center’s Institute for Altitude Medicine (IFAM), another facet of healthcare is available. With a dedication to making sure visitors are healthy in the San Juan Mountains, travelers to Telluride have access to treatment for high-altitude wellness. IFAM specializes in high altitude issues including altitude sickness, headache, high altitude pulmonary edema, and the effect of altitude on common medical conditions.

Offering ways to adjust to the altitude, IFAM believes that acclimatization is the key to avoiding altitude sickness and improving altitude performance. TMC has now been in its current location for 35 years. The need for expansion and growth has come, and the organization is currently seeking ways and locations that will allow for the next step in the medical center’s evolution.

Locals standby as the TMC moves into its next phase of serving those in the box canyon. “I’m glad they’re here”, said one visitor, “I would never have made it through strep throat otherwise”.

To reach the Telluride Medical Center, call 970-728-3848.

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