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Telluride Regional Airport

The town of Telluride is proud of offering its own airport for travelers. While Montrose, Grand Junction, Durang, and Cortez have airport options in traveling to Telluride, flying in and out of the box canyon via Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) is a preferred option for many people. The Telluride Regional Airport is the highest commercial airport in North America. Situated on top of Deep Creek Mesa, along with Last Dollar Road, the airport is 9,070 feet above sea level. Just minutes from both the town of Telluride and the Mountain Village, visitors or residents can literally fly right home.

Telluride Regional is serviced by United, Frontier and Great Lakes airlines. And, many private pilots also venture into the Telluride airport. With a challenging approach, however, it’s not for the inexperienced pilot or those not instrument-rated (VFR) . And, having a turbocharged plane is required at this altitude. Sadly, some fatal crashes have occurred at TEX, a town tragedy whether the fliers were known or not to anyone in the area.

In 2009, the airport underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, and considerable improvements were made to the runway including 41 additional feet and retaining walls. The improvements were made to enhance air travel and welcome larger planes, though airline jets do not land in Telluride. Renting a car is usually unnecessary in Telluride because everything is walkable. And, it’s quite simple to arrange the quick shuttle down to the town. Ground transportation includes the local companies of Telluride Express, Mountain Limo, and Alpine Luxury Limo, as well as Hertz and National Car Rentals.

These options are available daily, and another bonus of flying right into Telluride means the lengthy shuttles from the airports in other towns are avoided. So are the road conditions on Dallas Divide or Lizard Pass. Importantly, the time savings then equates to more time on the slopes and spent in the heart of Telluride. Travel into the Telluride airport can be pricey during high season. Winter, as well as a festival season in the summer, usually costs more than airfare used during the off-season periods like spring and fall. Sometimes an incredible deal can be purchased during the slow seasons.

Watch the weather, though, in any season. Sometimes rerouting can occur with a big storm. If you’ve never flown in or out of Telluride, and still haven’t seen the airport, you should. You can view it from the Gondola ride, from the very top where Allred’s restaurant and the San Sophia Station are. There, you can see the runway and sometimes a plane landing.

But driving up the Last Dollar is definitely worth it. Views of the Telluride mountains are incredible from this vantage point, in any season and, on a bluebird day, if there are thermals to ride, you might see Glider Bob taking off in his Stemmemotor gliderr. Check the direct flights and service options online. Service to Telluride Regional Airport is expanding. Flying right into or out of Telluride might be accommodating for your upcoming travel plans.

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