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Trout Fishing

Trout fishing in the Telluride area can be about as good as it gets. With the San Miguel River, Delores River, Uncompahgre River, and Gunnison River, anglers can take their pick for where to wade in or float to catch rainbow, brown, cutthroat, and brook trout and, with the many ponds and lakes in the area, fishing experiences can be diversified. Each area offers a different and unique experience for anglers.

And, one of the best trout fisheries in southwest Colorado is just north on Highway 145 toward the town of Norwood. Miramonte Reservoir is managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife is stocked full of rainbow and brown trout each year and is considered by many anglers to be one of the best spots. With campsites equipped for campers and tents, it’s a place anglers can come for recreation and relaxation. For those new to trout fishing, several outfitting and guiding services exist in Telluride for making the most of a trout fishing experience.

Telluride Outside, established in 1984, offers guiding service, sells brand-name clothing and gear, and also operates a fly shop showcasing the latest in fly rods. Their staff includes experienced anglers who know the Telluride area, but many who have fished all over the globe. Prices vary for trout fishing adventures. At anywhere from $285 on up, a single guest can be guided to differing locations. Lunch (for one full-day adventure) and flies are included. Private water locations are an option with Telluride Outside but do set an angler back an additional $75.

San Miguel Anglers is another local company welcoming all levels of fly-fisherman to head out in the Telluride area with guided service. Their staff is committed to selecting areas based on experience, water conditions, and hatching. With trips starting at $230 for a single guest, prices continue into the $450 range for day trips. San Miguel Anglers does also offer a fly-fishing school that heads out each day at 8 a.m. They additionally make custom trips upon request.

Circle K Ranch, off of Highway 145 near Delores, has joined forces with San Miguel Anglers and does offer package deals for fisherman. Offering cabins, bunkhouses, and camping options for guests, visitors can stay at the ranch and enjoy the meal service provided by Circle K. Groups, pets, and children are welcome, and anglers can enjoy a rustic experience while never having to retire too far from the water. Further Adventures is another guiding service offered through Boot Doctors and Paragon Sports of Telluride. They pride themselves in some of the best customer services in the area and offer comparable packages beginning at $275 for single guests to in the $400-range depending on destination. Like other fishing guide operations in the area, Further Adventures limits guests to 3 per guide to maximize the quality of the trout catching adventure.

Fly fishing is truly one of San Miguel County’s most cherished rear-round activities, and the support, gear, and service await all levels of anglers in the town of Telluride.


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