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Wilkinson Public Library

Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library is unlike other small-town libraries. A 5-star facility, the library is a beloved destination for Telluride locals and visitors alike. As many families explain including the Bruce Colby family, “When there’s nothing else to do, or it’s mud season, go to the library”. There is more than enough there to keep children of all ages and adults engaged.

A multifaceted learning environment, WPL is home to books, movies, programs, and other educational opportunities. The library’s catalog is extensive, and if WPL doesn’t have the book you are looking for, they can surely get it through interlibrary loan- and rather quickly. Getting a card is simple at the Telluride library, and even part-time or seasonal residents, or those who come just yearly, can access fiction, non-fiction and the collection of media, including DVDs for rent that WPL holds.

The children’s area is one of the most noteworthy attractions in town for kids. It includes a tree house for play and reading, wooden toys, a toy kitchen, many games, and puzzles, along with award-winning children’s texts and videos. Story times happen throughout the week for little ones, and additional programming like puppet show events often occur. The WPL is a treasure for parents of young children in the winter when playing outside is not an option. And, as a destination for simply checking out books, the Telluride library goes the distance in the carrying of children’s reading.

Online learning happens here too, and computer games and homework-help websites can be reached through the many modern computers in the children’s area. The teen area, too, has this benefit. For adults, the Wilkinson Public Library features the latest books as well as classics, brings in authors as guest speakers and keeps a list of some of the most popular current reads. Every genre one can imagine is included in the Telluride library.

Many local authors of the Telluride area also use the library as a way to promote their own writing. Local authors like Bob Rubadeau and Chief James A. Kolar have used the library to announce their books. The Telluride library is community-focused, and its programming demonstrates this. Yoga classes are available throughout the week at various times, and all are either free or donation-based. This is a blessing for working locals who use the library for relaxation. Other programming includes cultural awareness, mindfulness practices, cooking, the arts, and more. For those who need to work, and require the use of space or technology, WPL can provide.  Several meeting rooms are onsite in a variety of sizes. These can be reserved in advance and offer privacy.

A large program room is available for other types of gatherings and is frequently used by local government meetings. Computers, scanners, fax-machines, and copy machines are also conveniently placed on the second floor for the community’s use. Like many Telluride institutions, the WPL is green. With solar monitoring, recycling programs, and energy use initiatives, the library teaches the public to make the environment a priority while offering so much more in the way of learning.

Hours vary, so see the website. Here, you’ll find the latest in programs and events:

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