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“Life in Balance”

For many people in Telluride, every weekend is a workout weekend. It takes a lot of energy and oxygen to hike around with the pets, peddles the bike to the local market for groceries, or play outdoors with kids. Telluride families are probably more active than most in the United States, skiing, skating, biking, rafting, practicing yoga, and kayaking in their spare time. That being said, some of those very active and healthy Telluride locals recently started a new festival dedicated to physical fitness. It’s the WOW- the workout weekend festival. And it seems to be taking off.

In a country where obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses are prevalent and actually becoming epidemics, the Telluride community moves forward into a future of optimum physical health, through nutrition, exercise, wellness, and other latest trends in the field of health and human performance. What a gorgeous place to celebrate health: Telluride, Colorado.  In the San Juan Mountains, those coming to the WOW festival can experience not only the forums that will be held for the festival indoors, but the scenic beauty of the mountain biking trails, the bike path along the valley floor- perfect also for running-, and the many trails like Bear Creek and Judd Weibe. These trails can easily be hiked in just a few hours or less, and at the same time offer breathtaking views of waterfalls, peaks, creeks, and wildlife.

Some of the incredible teachers and health gurus that the WOW festival is bringing in include Jonathan Ross, Matthew Corner, and Tony Horton, the creator of P90X.  Also presenting at the Workout Weekend are Telluride’s own Alyssa Saunders and Becca Tudor, one the founders of the festival.  Xercise Lab, Pound Girls, and Jeannie Reilly are a few other well-known faces in the world of health and fitness, and these leaders each have their own unique style and way of teaching and inspiring.

For those interested in getting in on the event, the festival pass is $299 for the full three days. To get a single-day pass for either Friday or Saturday costs $175, but snagging just a Sunday pass will only set you back $125.  There is also the option of entering just the adventure race and hill climb, which might be fun for locals, and the entry fee is just $50. A three-day full pass does include this race. And, the Via Ferrata is another action activity the festival is sponsoring and involves scaling the face of a rock wall while harnessed in and clipped to iron supports. This adventure is $125 through the festival.

Founded by locals Albert Roer and Becca Tudor, the Workout Weekend Festival is expected to be impressive.  And with the variety of Pilates, Hiking, Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Circuit, Trail Running, talks on Nutrition and Supplements, and Pound Fit Pro Training, there is likely a little something for everyone.

Applications for volunteers are available online. Short shifts equal full festival pass and tee shirts.

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