Aug 05 2017

Bear-Proofing Your Home

We have all seen the videos by now. A family looks out there back window to be surprised by a family of bears relaxing in their pool, or digging through their garbage. They are entertaining and we all get a good laugh out of them, but it’s not all fun and games. Though, it is great to see these amazing animals up close, you should really be doing all you can to keep them away from your house for your safety and theirs.

Spring is the time of year that we start to see the bears in the area rising out of hibernation and looking for food. It is also the time of year when people should be looking around their homes for ways to “bear proof” them. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping bears away from your backdoor.

Don’t leave pet food outside

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This is an important one because it often gets overlooked. By now, most people know that they need to safely stow away their garbage so bear can’t get it, but they are also drawn in by your pets food. This also goes for the food of any livestock that you have. Bird feeders

Thoroughly clean your grill

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If there is left over food, or even just a food smell, bears will be attracted to it. It is important to hiclean your grill and utensils thoroughly after you are done with them.

Try to keep your doors and windows secure

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The screens on your home’s doors and windows will do nothing to keep bears out. If at all possible, you should keep them closed when you are not in that particular room. Leaving a radio or tv on will also help deter bears when you are not around too. Spread something for odor around the doors and windows to mask food smells.

Be aggressive

If all else fails and a bear finds its way into your yard it is important to scare them away. They are very smart and will always return to a place that they think they can get food from. Being as intimidating as possible will scare



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