Sep 14 2013

Blues and Brews Celebrates 20th

Telluride Blues and Brews Festival

The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival celebrates 20 years this year.  For three days, festival goers will rock out to incredible music in the most scenic venue there is: the Telluride Town Park.

It’s one of the greatest festivals in the country, celebrating the tradition of blues music, along with over 50 different breweries that bring in some 150-plus beers. That’s why those that love this festival come each year, with this year being an anniversary year. Telluride locals and the visitors are ready for this special edition of Blues and Brews.

That is if they can survive the elements. With a forecast that calls for rain each day, heavy rain, temperatures have significantly dropped this week as well. With an 80% chance on Saturday, the Grand Tasting may be more like a grand soaking. Lows are supposed to be in the 40s with highs in the 60s. Snow is likely on the peaks, and you never know what might happen in town: hail? sleet?

But, the right equipment can not only save you, it can mean the difference in actually enjoying yourself and being truly miserable. Rain gear is required this weekend. Shells, insulation, rain pants, and protective boots (rubber) are all necessary if you’re in the park. Don’t forget gloves. It can be the one item that festival goers overlook, and it’s one of the most important at a beer festival. The hands will get cold. The Kelty sunshades can double as a rain cover, but they won’t stand the wind if it should pick up. The first aid station does provide heaters if people get too cold.

Being intoxicated and getting hypothermic is not a good idea. Soaking wet tee shirts will not keep you warm this weekend.

It won’t be the first Telluride Blues and Brews to have less than desirable weather. Keep in mind that with children, this weekend could be a challenge. If you can hire a babysitter, it could make your experience, as well as the little ones’, more enjoyable.

And don’t forget about the VIP section. There is a reason folks pay extra to have a VIP ticket at Blues and Brews. And, you can still find a few floating around for sale. The weather may have scared some people off, but if you really want to show up and enjoy the festival, you can likely score a VIP ticket and have a little shelter, along with some of the other perks that will help you survive and stay happy.

If all else fails…..hang out at Sierra Nevada. The big beer tent has shelter, and you’ll find lots of cold, wet people making the most of their experience. You’ll likely be fast friends.

Don’t worry. The music will not stop. The lineup this year includes The Black Crowes, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and the legendary Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. The talented Melissa Ethridge also makes a reappearance on Sunday.  You’ll also catch Booker T, Guy Clark, Otis Taylor, Anders Osborne, and others.

Stay dry. Stay warm. Stay happy Telluride Blues and Brews!



Eleanor Bookstaff Author

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