Sep 27 2013

WOW Celebrates First Festival

WOW Festival

It was a successful Workout Weekend in the San Juans. The 2013 Telluride WOW Festival celebrated its first ever health, fitness, and wellness event last weekend.

And, Telluride local and festival founder Becca Tudor was available for commentary following the business of the inaugural events- that is after everything settled down a bit.

According Tudor, the Workout Weekend event was a “huge success” that included seventeen presenters over the course of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday “offering a variety of fitness modalities.” They had everything from Zumba and Yoga to Kick My Abs (trademark), Cardio Circuits, Pilates, Burn Lab (trademark), and P90X. The WOW weekend also included lectures on health and nutrition, along with group outdoor activities, including hikes and traversing the Via Ferrata.

The “weekend was really well-rounded in the health and wellness world,” Tudor affirmed.

Most importantly was Tudor’s assessment of how the participants seemed to experience the Workout Weekend Festival: “People went away with a great experience. That was all we were really shooting for this first year.” And a great experience it must have been. She explains that “participants’ feedback was that the festival was very intimate and [they] were able to be up close and personal with all of the presenters.” She continued to explain that this was “super-cool and unusual for people [the presenters] of this caliber.” Tony Horton, himself, appeared in the flesh to share his powerful, cutting-edge P90X workout philosophies. And, Telluride’s own Hilary O’Neil, a The North Face-sponsored alpinist who in the last year summited both Everest at Lhotse, led a session on Peak Summiting.

Becca Tudor herself works as a fitness trainer and Pilates teacher and strives to empower her clients through “confidence in themselves.” It’s not surprising that she would want to create a festival where her passions are fully explored in so many exciting areas.

And when asked how the guests who did present at the WOW Festival felt about the first Workout Weekend ever, Tudor says they also “had a great time.” And, how could they not? Telluride does seem like the ideal place for any health and fitness enthusiast to move, challenge, and breathe into themselves, while enjoying the scenery of the San Juan Mountains- and also learning about the latest trends in supplements and nutrition.

Will they do it again? Absolutely. Tudor confirmed that the “2014 Workout Weekend is a go.” And that she and the other collaborators of the WOW Festival, including co-founder Albert Roer “are excited to bring in even more presenters of equal caliber” for the next year.

Tudor is absolutely looking forward to “sharing the passion for health and wellness throughout the community” in Telluride for years to come.

It sounds like the first WOW was… And, the Telluride community can count on seeing something just as impressive, if not more so in the near future. As for the visitors or even the guest presenters, it’s probably safe to say that they themselves wouldn’t mind another trip to the beautiful town of Telluride for another Workout Weekend.



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