Oct 21 2013

Theater Brings “Othello” to Telluride

othello in telluride

Brought to us by Sparky Productions, The National Theatre of Great Britain, and the Michael D. Palm Theatre, William Shakespeare’s Othello will be shown live Tuesday, October 22, in Telluride.

Local Jennie Franks announces this special showing of Othello. The famous Shakespearean play is performed by the National Theater of Great Britain and is live. According to Franks, this is a very special event for Telluride. Most people living in London won’t even have a chance to see this as tickets sell out rapidly. Here in Telluride, we have the opportunity to see a world-class production right here in the comforts of the Palm Theater.

Otherwise known as The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, the play was written in 1603, and the themes still resonate with audiences today. The tragedy contains four key characters: Othello, a general in the Venetian army; his new bride Desdemona, lieutenant Cassio; and also Lago. Themes of racism, love, jealousy and betrayal are present throughout and still speak to audiences today.

The London Observer had this to say regarding the National Theatre of Great Britain’s production of Othello: It’s “terrifically exciting, exceptionally coherent. It drives forward with hyper-clarity, as if each line were being X-rayed.”   Critics report that this version of Othello will not leave audiences lost or trying to interpret Shakespeare. Meaning is clearly and powerfully communicated.

Setting is done carefully in Cyprus on a British army military base. Directed by Nicolas Hytner, he hired an ex-Army expert to recreate the barracks in Cyprus. Hytner also directed War Horse and Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. Hytner is considered one of the greatest theatre directors of the times.

Current productions of Othello at the National Theatre of Great Britain on the South Bank in London are sold out; People from around the world flock to this great stage. In these sold-out circumstances, the public is fortunate that NT LIVE brings these stunning productions to other areas of the globe via simulcast.

Telluride will have the privilege of seeing Othello and having a National Theatre experience at just a fraction of the cost of a ticket to the actual event in London.

Sparky Productions and the Palm Theater were responsible for bringing the National Theater simulcast of Audience to Telluride this past summer. Similarly, the winter of 2013/2014 will feature additional new plays, as well as classics. November 19th is set for Macbeth with Kenneth Branagh. December 3rd is the 50th anniversary of the National Theatre, and 100 renown actors will star in various pieces.

Such world-class theater is a rare gift to the community of Telluride, and the town has Jennie Franks and Sparky Productions to thank. Besides adult locals and tourists, the Telluride School System and English department are also benefitting from the simulcast. Students don’t need to travel for Denver for such an incredible theater opportunity; rather, it arrives in their own auditorium.

Othello tickets in Telluride are $15 for adults and $10 for children. Tickets can be purchased online and also before the show.



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