Telluride Festivals

From the well known Mountain Film Festival to the Mushroom Festival, with a little bit of everything else in between, Telluride is sure to have something for you.  Here we have a list of all Telluride Festivals where you can learn about each, or use our event calendar above to see what’s happening while you are in town.  Even when nothing is happening, you’ll find a festival in Telluride. 

The Ride Festival
The Ride Festival
The Ride Festival in Telluride first made headlines in the summer of 2012 and featured quite a lineup. Since then, it’s been famous for bringing acts like Ben Harper, Big Head Todd & the Monsters and others.
Telluride Americana Music Festival
Americana Music Festival
In the Telluride summer, usually in July, singer-songwriters from around the country come together and showcase their original music, bringing with them the richness of past tradition, some of it fused with contemporary innovation.
Telluride BBQ Festival
Barbecue Festival
t’s not just a festival. It’s a competition. A serious competition. Anybody who is into barbecue does not take barbecue lightly. But, along with that competitive spirit comes a whole lot of fun expressed in true barbecue fashion.
WOW Festival
WOW Festival
For many people in Telluride, every weekend is a workout weekend. It takes a lot of energy and oxygen to hike around with the pets, peddle the bike to the local market for groceries, or play outdoors with kids.
Telluride Plein Air Festival
Plein Air Festival
Plein Air. It’s a French expression. Translated, it means “in the open air,” and in the painting world, it means “to paint outdoors.” Many schools of art have noted the importance of natural light and painting in nature, but it’s not just a French concept.
Telluride Mushroom Festival
Mushroom Festival
The Telluride Mushroom Festival: It’s a gathering of like minds, or mycophiles, as they say. People from all over the country convene in August in Telluride, Colorado to celebrate fungus and its many amazing and positive qualities.
Telluride Chamber Music Festival
Chamber Music Festival
Some people say that music alone can take raise people up, that it can affect memory and emotion, and that it can even heal the spirit. For at least forty years, the Telluride Chamber Music Festival has been enchanting the town of Telluride with its concert pieces.
Telluride Yoga Festival
Yoga Festival
Telluride Yoga Festival brings in some of the best teachers. Attendees have the opportunity to study with various instructors that are world-renown: Duncan Wong, Tias Little, Beryl Bender Birch, and more.
Telluride Horror Show Film Festival
Horror Show Film Festival
For three days in October, the recently new Horror Show Film Festival celebrates the macabre in the stunning, but daunting, backdrop of the Telluride mountains. Don’t be scared to come. It’s actually a real treat.
Telluride Balloon Festival
Balloon Festival
Held every year in the summer season, the Telluride Balloon Festival has been a favorite for almost thirty years. And, it’s still going strong. Usually on the first weekend in June, the Balloon Festival schedules its events for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Telluride Film Festival
Telluride Film Festival
With more than 50 programs screened during the festival weekend, and the most popular repeating at different venues, Telluride Film offers an experience to be remembered. Choices exist to meet the budgets and interests of all.
Telluride Wine Festival
Wine Festival
It’s a weekend of tasting, brunches, cooking, and other cocktails. Wine experts from around the world, sommeliers, and winemakers from renowned vineyards enter the Telluride canyon to take part in the celebration.
Telluride Blues and Brews Festival
Blues and Brews Festival
he Blues and Brews Festival is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Tickets go on sale in early March, with early-bird options, as well as single day passes and three-day passes for the full festival experience.
Telluride Nothing Festival
Nothing Festival
Started by locals long ago, it was a type of protest to the endless festivals that pepper the entire summer season of Telluride. Called the “Nothing Festival,” it’s designed to be just that: It’s about nothing- a celebration of nothing.
Telluride Compassion Festival
Compassion Festival
“Compassion it.” That’s a bumper sticker you might see in Telluride, Colorado. You might not have known the word “compassion” could be used as a verb, but at the annual Compassion Festival and Conference, it surely can.
Telluride Playwrights Festival
Playwrights Festival
The Telluride Playwrights Festival is an annual music festival in Telluride, Colorado. Learn more about the bluegrass festival, view pics, videos and more!
Telluride Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival
Despite Telluride being a small town, there is actually nothing small-town about its Jazz Festival. In the past, Jazz has pulled in outstanding acts like The Motet, Victor Wooten, Allen Toussaint, Tower of Power, Dr. John, the Neville Brothers, and even Herbie Hancock.
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Bluegrass Festival
The most fun 4-day mountain party ever. At an elevation of 8,750 ft., it requires planning. If you’ve never experienced Bluegrass in Telluride, and you appreciate this genre of music- bluegrass, alternative country-,you should put it on your list. There’s nothing like it.
Mountain Film Festival
Mountainfilm Festival
Its mission is “dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating audiences about issues that matter, cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving, adventures worth pursuing and conversations worth sustaining.”